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"Marisa of YSP Solutions is who you want on your team. In our discovery call, I felt more confident in her ability to assist me in changing the course of my business with her expertise and knowledge base of her field. She is personable, professional, well-versed in all things accounting and figures, she is honest and aids in helping you dream the biggest dream with support and genuine interest in your business succeeding! She gets 5/5 and 100% A+ from me. Thanks"

- Karyn King

I'm excited to write this review on behalf of Ms. Cotton. I find her personality to fitting to provide support for business owners like me. I find Ms. Cotton to be a valuable asset in assisting me in building my business. She is a true professional and business coach.

I received a bill in the mail for over $3,000 regarding my business so I thought...I panic and called Star Power Solutions and immediately I was brought to ease....faxed over the bill and within 24 hours I was overjoyed at the results...I don’t owe anything...thank you Marisa Cotton for your professionalism and promptness in this matter.😃

- Lemoyne Scott

- Stephanie Jenkins