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My goal is to help you discover the true meaning of a healthy lifestyle.

If you're ready to start really living your best life on your terms as a full-time entrepreneur... Then you're in the right place.

I am the CEO of Your Star Power Solutions, a Strategy and Operational firm that offers business start-up support and professional development, coaching programs, tax preparation & bookkeeping to entrepreneurs.

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs to properly transition from their 9 to 5 to their business full-time, by equipping them with proper strategy, tactics, and clarity for a smooth & successful exit.

I am a strategy-oriented business leader with a unique blend of operations management, human resources, business finances, and business consulting experience supporting the success of entrepreneurs and professional service firms for over 15 years.
I am also the founder of Everything Business Academy, which provides digital content and educational training to all things business for newbie entrepreneurs. My digital library teaches entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations how to create a solid foundation for their businesses and create a bigger impact for their businesses, all while scaling their growth and income. Your Star Power Solutions educates our clients on Everything Business 101.

I Work With...

✅ Service-based Entrepreneurs who are looking to transition from their 9 to 5 to their business full time, and who are looking to discover the alternative to failing due to improper planning.


✅   Looking to build strong foundations and operations for their business, so that we can create strategic plans to scale their business to the next level.


✅   Who are looking to establish solid business finances and strategies by way of accounting/ bookkeeping and tax strategy and planning?


✅   Who are looking for lite HR support and guidance in terms of hiring and terminations, business growth strategies, employment law, and policies and procedures?


✅   Who are feeling stuck in their business and need assistance with gaining clarity and confidence to the confusion and roadblocks in their business. This could be from your business growth, to program development, profit and goal planning, and more.

Hi I'm Name is Marisa Cotton, The 9 to 5 Exit Slayer

My mission for 2022 is to help 5000 entrepreneurs to place themselves in a position to become full-time entrepreneurs. If full-time entrepreneurship is your goal, I help entrepreneurs with the tools and strategy needed so that they have the right pillars in place to be successful and rock it.



Masters - Public Administration
Masters - Business Administration
Over 15 Years in Business Organization & Strategic Management, HR, Payroll, Business Finance, and Project Management
Tax Preparer 8 years
Bookkeeper 10 years
HR & Payroll Experience 19 years
Business Operations and Business Finance 18 years
Mom of 2 beautiful little girls

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